Planning a long road trip? Here’s our list of the totally essential kit and caboodle that you absolutely must bring along!


Number one on our list is pretty obvious, if you think about it but – doh – there have been times that we have all been caught out, by forgetting the basics.

Yes, you will need cash. And not just cash, also cards and plastic.

In short, bring everything you might possibly be able to spend on your extended road trip.

Don’t just chance it by putting all your eggs into one basket.

Cards can be declined or not accepted in some places, so if you have an alternative method of payment, then for God’s sakes, make sure you bring it along!


Really, you should actually have a first aid kit in the car at all times – as well as things like a fire extinguisher and other essential bits of kit.

But a first aid kit should definitely be included on the list of items, for any long term road trip.


Once you have got together the first aid kit for the humans, you then need to ensure that you have one for the car itself.

This means everything that you might need to avert disaster under the bonnet and beneath the chassis.

In other words, don’t even think of setting off without carrying a spare tire, a jack, jump leads, essential tools and other basics of car maintenance.

Carry a spare cellphone and keep it charged up, in the car, so you can call for assistance, should it be needed.

Oh yes, and make sure you have a few numbers of roadside assistance firms keyed into it, whilst you’re at it!


It might seem old school, but even if you have a Sat Nav or a cell phone, things can always go wrong.

It really doesn’t hurt to carry a map in your car and have it as a backup plan, should everything else go wrong.


You never know when you might be stranded for hours, off the beaten track, when you are broken down. Or just caught in traffic!

Keep spare water and snacks in your car at all times, checking periodically to refresh them.

In the colder months, ensure that there are hot drinks in your car, at all times.

Packing adequate food and drink can also help keep your costs down at roadside services and cafes, which become expensive after a while.

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